By Way Of Announcement, A TXT Conversation

A true an accurate transcript of an important event transcribed in the vernacular of our day for the edification and amusement of internet passers-by.

Iz bby, c?

(10/5/10 10:54am) J: Norbles (10/5/10 10:54am) J: Her name is Norbles Aubrels Bellugles (10/5/10 10:54am) J: How much does it weigh? (10/5/10 10:55am) Z: It's a girl, asshole (10/5/10 10:55am) J: How much does she way? (10/5/10 11:10am) Z: No one knows yet. (10/5/10 11:01am) J: When you find out tell me. I could make money on this. (10/5/10 11:01am) J: Is it seventeen stone? (10/5/10 11:02am) J: Send pic from fone. The elders are getting restless (10/5/10 11:02am) J: Have you done the witch test? (10/5/10 11:04am) Z: 6lb 5oz. Did you win the pool? (10/5/10 11:05am) J: No pool. Am charging them for the info. (10/5/10 11:05am) J: Send pic and we make big money (10/5/10 11:05am) J: 50/50 (10/5/10 11:05am) J: ? (10/5/10 11:10am) Z: Check your email (10/5/10 11:13am) J: That is a picture of a hat. We want baby. (10/5/10 11:20am) J: Hay a hole. Give to me a face pic. (10/5/10 11:25am) J: okay now a foot. (10/5/10 11:25am) J: Or an eye. (10/5/10 11:26am) J: The elders are going to bust in if we don't get a good pic. (10/5/10 11:31am) Z: The elders can wait. We got naked boob up in here. (10/5/10 11:32am) J: Dad is breaking in right now. He's going in ninja style. (10/5/10 11:33am) Z: I threw him out. How bout I pay you to keep them out of the room for a while? How's that? (10/5/10 11:45am) J: How's life as a father? (10/5/10 11:46am) Z: Tired. But she has tiny ears. (10/5/10 11:46am) J: When can she get drunk?

This blog isn't where I live, but anyway, here's what everyone wanted.

    1. The Demonist

      Tim buys a book. Tim accidentally summons a demon. Hilarity, carnage, ensue.

    2. A Last Minute Truth

      Old, embittered and depressed, Eustace decides to kill himself. Then he does something else.

    3. Taking Pictures of Cats Having Sex In Istanbul

      Wherein I travel to distant lands, try to get a nice souvenir and then engage in philosophical debate with policeman.

    4. Welcome Travelers, To Dublin

      We took this double-decker bus and maybe someone got murdered and then my mom didn't save my luggage from disaster.

    5. Alfreds For Breakfast

      Albert wants to get the man who proposed plate tectonics removed from highschool textbooks.

    6. Juney's Coming For A Visit

      George's daughter will be in town for Christmas, Alfred isn't as racist as he sounds and Javier's cousin is being deported.