1. The Demonist

    Tim buys a book. Tim accidentally summons a demon. Hilarity, carnage, ensue.

  2. A Last Minute Truth

    Old, embittered and depressed, Eustace decides to kill himself. Then he does something else.

  3. Taking Pictures of Cats Having Sex In Istanbul

    Wherein I travel to distant lands, try to get a nice souvenir and then engage in philosophical debate with policeman.

  4. Welcome Travelers, To Dublin

    We took this double-decker bus and maybe someone got murdered and then my mom didn't save my luggage from disaster.

  5. Alfreds For Breakfast

    Albert wants to get the man who proposed plate tectonics removed from highschool textbooks.

  6. Juney's Coming For A Visit

    George's daughter will be in town for Christmas, Alfred isn't as racist as he sounds and Javier's cousin is being deported.

  7. You're Right, But Still

    A man has a long-overdue conversation with his beer. It's kind of an intervention—in reverse.

  8. Bratz Doll Opera

    …performed atop a McDonald’s trashcan by an eight year old

  9. Landlord

    This land ain't my land. This land ain't your land.

  10. Heather Died A Long Time Ago

    No one can tell you how to mourn.