Bratz Doll Opera

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First Bratz Doll: It's time to play reality show!

Second Bratz Doll: Cooking or shouting?

First: Shut up!

Second: Look at me! I'm skating!

(Second Bratz doll pirouettes across top of McDonald's trashcan)

Second: If you want a rose, it's a game, but I'm going to win.

First: Who's the faaaaaaatttttest dog?

(First Bratz doll makes barking sounds)

Second: That's not enough! Try harder! Make it work!

First: You can't talk to me that way!

(Bratz dolls attack one another atop the McDonald's trashcan)

Second: I see that skirt! You stole it. It's my design!

(Bratz combat continues)

First: I'm keeping all the stuff.

Second: Go faster! You have to go faster!

(Bratz dolls collide like bull elk in rut. The first falls into the trashcan.)

Second: Oh no! I love you!

(The second Bratz doll leaps into the trashcan after the first. There is a moment of silence. Girl begins to cry.)

Mom: Angel, come over here and eat.

(Girl peers into trashcan, shrugs, goes off to eat Happy Meal.)